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Bazooka Plumb Bob

Ironworker Level for Columns, Walls & More...



Features & Specs:

Speed- Save over 50% of your time forsetting columns vs lasers

Accuracy- to 0.001" & never a standoff error

​Adjustable- from 6'6"-12'

Efficient- Needs just 1 man to use. Frees an extra man for other duties

Featured Erector
Bechtel Corp

Bechtel was having problems on 450' towers. Another contractor suggested the Bazooka Bob.

Bechtel was so impressed by the results, they ordered enough Bazooka Bobs for the rest of their crews.

Imagine what the Bazooka Bob can do for you

Serving Erectors for 55 Years

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Since 1967

"The Bazooka Bob is faster and more accurate than anything else I've ever used. I't's all I use now."

Larry(erector)- California

Bazooka Plumb Bob
The Fastest Way to Plumb a Column
Only $448​​or less
Special Pricing for 2 or more

The Bazooka Bob in the video above is shorter than an actual unit for demonstration purposes

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Customers have informed us of SCAM websites pretending to sell the Bazooka Bob & other ironworker tools....These sites will almost always be offering items well below any other price (under $100 for the Bazooka Bob) and ship free anywhere in the world.

What they are looking for are 2 things:

1) Steal & sell your credit card info

2) Get quick payment then move on, but never ship your items.

They do NOT have our product or any others.

 Please call us if you need assistance or have had a problem with these SCAM sites (856) 673-1997 and cancel/lock the credit card you used to make the purchase


What is the Bazooka Plumb Bob?
A precision magnetic level used to accurately place vertical columns, walls & more. MUCH faster than lasers and just as, or more, accurate.

      Use on steel, precast, forms, walls, studs and more...

Made in the USA since 1967