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The Fastest, Most Accurate Way to Plumb Columns, Walls & more...

To: BPB Mfg Co-
I recently promoted the use of your product[the Bazooka Bob] within our company, due to great results we were seeing when we went to verify the plumbness and square of some prefabricated modules.

(excerpt from an inter-company email)
"I wanted to share with everyone a tool that has made a world of difference on our project.... Here on the Ivanpah Solar Project we are erecting 450' towers and the last 110' is being built with 5 modules. Prior to using this tool, the ironworkers had plumb and square issues. They started using a tool called the "Bazooka Plumb Bob". Since then, they have had negligible amounts of error... The end result is a plumb and square structure, that prior to the Bazooka Plumb Bob, they couldn't accomplish with twice the effort using lasers, survey support, etc.... I would HIGHLY recommend this tool to the ironworker crews..."

- Brandon G.
Civil Engineer- Survey
Bechtel Corp (the largest construction company in the U.S.)​

I'm a laser dealer, but guys come in and there's no talking them out of a Bazooka Bob. They want it and don't even want to talk about anything else... So now... I'm a Bazooka Bob dealer too.

- Jim,  

In 1984, my boss came to me and said, "I want you to try this." I looked at it and said, "What the hell is it?!"
     It was a Bazooka Bob. I haven't used anything else since.

- Joe
Steel erector

We love this tool. The Bazooka Bob just answers so many questions.

- Mike
Steel erector

To tell you the truth, we're not exactly sure what Mike meant by that(and we didn't ask), but we really liked the way it sounded.

WOW! What a beast! (referring to the new model Bazooka Bob)
I don't know why anyone would consider using anything else on 1 & 2 story structures. On higher
structures, it depends on your setup, but the Bazooka Bob will no doubt save you a lot of time. In wind, there isn't anything else that can compete with it.

- "Gooch"
Steel Erector

"I get that new guys just coming into the field want to use all the latest electronics, but I finally had to put my foot down. The Bazooka Bob does a better job than a laser, in most instances, and a lot of time and money are at stake. So they now use the Bazooka Bob.

Followup- They laugh now because they love using the Bazooka Bob because of how easy and fast it is."


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