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The BAZOOKA PLUMB BOB was invented by a former member of the Army Corps of Engineers who recognized a need for a better way for erectors to set steel, especially in wind & inclement weather, which can cause major delays in completing your projects. Today, the Bazooka Bob is an essential ironworker tool. We aren't telling you to throw away your laser, not at all, lasers are a valuable tool but, for the majority of applications, the Bazooka Bob is simply faster and more accurate.

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  • EFFICIENCY- Requires only 1 man to operate. No need for a man taking a standoff reading as with a laser. Save TIME & MONEY as the Bazooka Bob is much faster than a laser & the extra man can be handling other duties.
  • ACCURACY-  to .001" & NEVER a standoff error as happens with a laser
  • SPEED- The BAZOOKA BOB attaches/detaches easily, without climbing, and

           gives an instant readout for level.

  • (Attachments also available- Precast & Wall Hook & Form Hook)
  • More SPEED- using two BAZOOKA BOBS, both North/South & East/West readings can be taken at the same time by one man using the  pass through gauge on the rear of the Bazooka Bob. You'd need three men to do that with two lasers.


Our machined parts are milled to an accuracy of  .0005"

What this means to you is:

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The Bazooka Bob is accurate to 1/1000”.

As good as even the most expensive lasers.

That's less than a human hair

Also, since the Bazooka Bob works directly on the work surface you will NEVER deal with a progressive error as happens with a laser.



How many times have we heard of people dropping their laser, only to discover later that it went out of calibration?

Most laser manufacturers advertise you can drop their laser from 2-3ft and still be good to go. REALLY? We had a Bazooka Bob drop 14 stories and still be on the job. REALLY!

No, we don't guarantee that kind of toughness, but the Bazooka Bob is built for the job. You don't need to pet it.

The Bazooka Bob is made of all metal construction. This makes for an instrument that will last & last....
We regularly get units in for inspection which are 30+ years old, still on the job and working great.  


With no electronic parts and well-thought out construction, the Bazooka Bob is built for the jobsite.

Your time is money. The speed and accuracy of the Bazooka Bob will save you both. We guarantee it.

The Bazooka Bob is designed to need little maintenance other than an occasional spritz with a lubricant. With minimal care, your Bazooka Bob will last as long as you. Maybe longer.

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We hear from ironworkers every day who say they saw the Bazooka Bob on the job, only to be embarrassed when asking "What's that?".... and receiving a response of .... "What else would you use?

Made in the USA 


The BAZOOKA PLUMB BOB is a length-adjustable vertical level whose structure shields it from the effects of the elements. With parts machined to a tolerance of .0005", a working accuracy of .001" can be expected(LESS than a human hair). A powerful magnet, with 181lbs of pull force, attaches directly to the column or other work surface and holds the Bazooka Bob tight. A linear gauge at the base of the unit gives an instant readout for level. Simply lift & twist to release the Bazooka Bob easily & move to the next column.

How the BAZOOKA BOB is better vs a laser:

The BAZOOKA BOB works directly on the work surface.

What this means:

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